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Made with the environment in mind

We care about the future of our planet,
and try to run our business accordingly.

That's why we -

  • Use recycled and eco-friendly materials in the making of our product, 
    including in our choice of fabrics and insulating materials.

  • Use the minimal packaging required to safely deliver our product to you,
    made from over 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

  • Create long-lasting products with no expiration date. 
    We don't want our products ending up in a landfill anytime soon, and hope they'll serve well you for many years.

  • Use non-toxic active materials that will not be harmful to you or the environment.

And still, we aspire to be better. We aim to use a higher recycled content in our products in the future, and we welcome ideas for how to make our products and business more sustainable -
feel free to use the contact form if you want to share your ideas with us.​

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