BreezyPacks are cooling cases that keep insulin, EpiPens, and other medicine safe from the heat.*

They use unique materials that actively cool in hot weather and regenerate when it's a bit colder.

That means all you have to do is place your medicine inside. Your BreezyPack will keep it safe during the day and recharge at night.

*   BreezyPacks keeps medicine under 30°C/86°F. They are meant for medicine that should stay around room temperature and do not maintain fridge-like temperatures.

Zero hassle, zero worries

No freezing, refrigerating, dipping in water, wet & moldy bags, looking for batteries, charging or worrying, ever again.

Works like magic, powered by science

Unique Phase Change Materials (PCMs) protect your medicine during the day and regenerate by themselves every night.

Made with the environment in mind

Made using recycled and non-toxic materials, from product to packaging.

BreezyPacks is a small Canadian business, not affiliated with any manufactures of EpiPen, insulin, or any other drug.
We created this product because, as diabetics, we needed better insulin cooling cases, and we thought other might too.

We deliver worldwide.
Shipping is free on all orders of more than one BreezyPack.


It might sound cheesy, but for us, this is more about our customers having one worry less in their lives than about maximizing profits. 

If you get your BreezyPack and find yourself unsatisfied with it, you can get a full refund (within the first 30 days).

We also offer a 3-year guarantee in case anything happens to your BreezyPack later on.

We currently offer two models:
Breezy Basic and Breezy Plus.

They look the same from the outside - they only differ in the amount of active material used.

The plus model can protect your medicine for 9 hours outside on a hot* day; the basic model, for 6.

The plus model can also withstand higher temperatures than the basic one**.
During the night, they'll recharge as long as it's cold enough - 24°C/75°F or less. You can also place them in a fridge for 1-2 hours, and they'll be charged.

Both of them fit about 2 insulin pens or one EpiPen. 
(Breezy Basic will fit 2 EpiPens without their protective plastic cover, though it is a rather tight fit).

*     We measure this at 38°C/100°F, away from direct sunlight.

**    Max 46°C/115°F for the plus, 41°C/106°F for the basic.


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