Works like magic, Powered by science

At the hearts of our cases are advanced materials called
Phase Change Materials - PCMs.

They absorb and release thermal energy according to the temperature, protecting your medicine and recharging by themselves.

The PCMs are enclosed in special, highly resistant, impermeable bags between the inner layers.

When temperatures rise above 27°C/80°F, they start undergoing a chemical phase change and absorbing the thermal energy, keeping this energy from heating your medicine.

Once the temperatures cool down, the PCMs undergo the reverse process and crystallize, preparing them to deal with the heat again.

This cycle can occur thousands of times without any degradation; that's why our cases come with no expiration date. They're built to last.

Ice blocks, our advanced materials work similar to them.

This is very similar to ice inside a cooler.

As the ice melts to water, it absorbs heat, keeping the cooler nice and fresh. Once placed below its point of transition at 0°C/32°F, the water turns back into ice.

The difference is that unlike water & ice,
our PCMs are designed to go through this transition at room temperature.

Our PCMs, therefore, have two big advantages over ice packs-

  • No need for freezers! The PCM can recrystallize by itself once it gets colder outside.

  • Our PCMs can last much longer than ice. This is mainly because they stay closer to the external temperature - resulting in a smaller difference of temperatures and slower heat transfer (a smaller thermal gradient.)

Components of the technology behind BreezyPacks are patent pending in the USA.

Patent pending

Anatomy of a BreezyPack - What's going on under the fabric?

Inner structure of a breezypack insulin cooling case, with advanced materials

Room for your medicine

Insulating Layer 

Impermeable metallicized bag

PCM (Active material)

Inner fabric layer

(From recycled materials)