Meet our

BreezyPack medicine cooling case in red, blue and grey

We currently offer two models.
They look the same from the outside - they only differ in the amount of active material used.

Breezy Basic

Breezy Plus

Six consecutive
hours in the heat*

Nine consecutive
hours in the heat*

For temperatures of
up to 41°C/106°F

For temperatures of
up to 46°C/115°F

(Scroll to the bottom of the page if you'd like to see our upcoming models).

*     We measure this at 38°C/100°F, away from direct sunlight.

Prices are determined and charged in CAD;
Prices shown in other currencies are for your own convenience.

Both our models:


Are great for keeping your medicine safe while traveling, working, or just living in a hot climate.

They're small & portable. Our currently available models fit about 2 insulin pens or 1 Epipen. 

(Breezy Basic can fit 2 EpiPens without their protective plastic cover, though it can be a bit tight).


They will keep your medicine under 30°C/86°F even on the hottest of days. 
Note that BreezyPacks do not keep fridge-like temperatures; they're meant to keep medicine like insulin (while in use) and EpiPens at their safe temperature range. And while BreezyPacks are insulated, they are not designed to protect from cold or freezing temperatures in the way that they protect from the heat.

During the night, they'll recharge as long as it's cold enough - 24°C/75°F or less. You can also place them in a fridge for 1-2 hours, and they'll be charged.

BreezyPacks are fit for travel, and they can safely be carried through airport security in their "charged" state - after staying in a cool place.

Epipen inside tag for zipper

Buying for an EpiPen?

We offer optional zipper pulls to let people know your EpiPen can be found inside. These double-sided, metal & enamel tags fit on any zipper.
They can be added to your order before check out.

Coming soon

Breezy Extra

The perfect fit for two EpiPens (In their plastic cases) or up to 5 insulin pens.


Breezy Mega

Our extra-large case, great for carrying large quantities of your medicine during long trips. 

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